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Skyline’s dedicated and ongoing commitment to safety has been evident since it’s inception in 1996. Initially starting with a conventional Flight Safety program, Skyline became well known for providing safe & efficient service to our clients.

In 2002 under the direction and leadership of our founding President Grant Louden, the company strived to develop and implement an Integrated Safety Management System which included all flight safety and HSSE issues and allowed synergy with our business systems to incorporate one complete operating system.

Our Safety Management System is a continual “live” evolving system of performance evaluation and improvement in all areas of the organization. This is supported by a comprehensive Quality Assurance system (FOQA & MQA) that monitors, audits and continually reviews the relationship of risk as it applies to our business. Skyline focused its strategic model to fall in line with both the Transport Canada safety and the ISO system model to insure we would have a cohesive management system. This is highlighted in regular audits and has earned the company various approvals as the prime contractor to some of the major global oil & gas companies. We also maintain an annual certificate of recognition (COR) for HSSE compliance from ENFORM.

Skyline has been appointed to various International committees as advisors, including the OGP Aviation sub-committee for Global seismic operations and the IHST/Canadian JHSAT (Joint Helicopter Safety Analysis Team) to share our experiences and learning’s with the rest of the helicopter community.

Together with the collaboration of our customers and employees, using active Risk management, our safety management system will nourish a company culture which reflects industry best practice and provide our customers with safe and efficient helicopter operations.

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Skyline Helicopters heli skiing holidays hydro forestry tours Kelowna Terrace BC